Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hi Life... Can you slow down please?

Hello friends!  Are you still around? haha

Holy cow I can't believe my last post was February 14!  That is ridiculous!  It feels like it was just the other day.  I have no idea where time is going - life is happening so fast it feels like I'm in fast forward all of the time.  I've been student teaching for 2 months now and I am absolutely loving it!  I only have a month left!  I can't believe it is almost over!  I have so many funny stories to tell you... but we'll save that for a different day.

Wedding!  Oh my gosh - its almost here! Haha!  We have about 3 and half months left which is Crazy (yes, crazy with a capital "C")!  Plans are going great - I'll do an update soon.  I owe you a huge Wedding Wednesday post!

Random - my high school (South Central) played the school I student teach at (Chapel Hill High School) in the final four of the state championship in basketball last Saturday.  Three of the students I teach play for CHHS, so I was a bit torn over who to cheer for... Anyways, SCHS won and is playing in the championship game this weekend, as is their women's team - Go Falcons!  I have been thinking back to my high school days and how fun it would've been to cheer for the state championship game.  I looked up these old pictures & my oh my, how I miss cheerleading! 
SCHS cheerleaders are competing at NATIONALS in a few weeks.  That is awesome!  They already won at States & the Conference (3 years running, I think)  That's wonderful!  I'm so proud :)

Okay, okay - back to the present.  Mom is doing well - most recent scans show that the tumors in her brain are stable & there are no new spots.  She's coming to UNC next week for an appointment and we're looking forward to hearing what the doctors have to update us on!

Parker's doing great too - he is very busy with work, helping with the youth group at church, a new business endeavor, AND he was asked to join the board for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  God is good!

We have been alternating weekends - one in Greenville, one in Chapel Hill, because let's face it... Gas is EXPENSIVE & driving 4 hours each weekend is exhausting.  We are loving our sunday school class and we're so excited with all that's happening with our new friends - one couple just had a sweet baby boy, and THREE couples are pregnant!  CRAZY.  We need them to SLOW DOWN too, because we are not ready for all that... haha!

This past weekend, we got to hang out with an old college friend, Nish on Friday night.  She is a counselor at a school in the east and it was great to catch up!  Then, Lauren came for brunch on Saturday morning and as always, I love hanging out with my sweet Lauren!  :)  And then, we went over to Katherine & Eric's Saturday night for the Duke v. Carolina game (GO HEELS!) & ate some yummy food.  We love getting to hang out with them - they are so fun!

This weekend we have cake tasting & some other wedding stuff.  Wedding stuff happens on the weekend.  School stuff happens during the week.  I sleep when I can haha.  No really, I've gotten enough sleep.  I wish my students, however, would stay at home when they are sick and stop giving me sore throats, colds, a runny nose, viruses, etc.

Okay, I feel like I've talked your ears off (written your eyes off???) enough for now.  I'll be back later with real posts... hopefully.  :)
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